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The Joomla Content Managent System gives you the ability to update your website without outside intervention. You can post news, add photos, post videos, manage a blog and run a store, all from your office, without needing to know how to write complex code.

Want to know more about Joomla and why we prefer it over other content management systems like Wordpress and Drupal? Read on:

When the "World Wide Web" became a household name in the early 1990's, websites were built by programmers using code like HTML, Javascript, and CSS. They were often very expensive to develop, and they were nearly impossible for an end user to manage or update.

Fast forward two decades, and the internet landscape has completely changed.

If you are a business owner, you can manage your own site using an application called a "Content Managenemt System". The most popular content management systems include Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla.

Out of the three, my preferred Content Management system is Joomla. Here's why:

Joomla is Flexible

From blogs to e-commerce sites to basic brochure sites, it really, truly can do it all. Joomla has thousands of extensions available. Numinous Productions has used the Joomla Content Management System to build photo galleries, social networking sites, online stores, church websites, business landing pages, contact forms, email newsletter applications, job applications, and online directories.

Joomla is Open

Unlike many proprietary Content Management Systems developed by smaller web companies, Joomla is an open source project. It's a free package that can be downloaded and installed by anyone. This also means programmers can work within the system's code to customize each site to fit their client's needs. Each Joomla site can be picked up and easily migrated to another website host cheaply and easily.

Joomla is Loved

Joomla has a huge community of developers supporting it. The Joomla CMS is always growing and adapting, improving its features and beefing up its security, staying on the cutting edge of web trends. Hundreds of companies are constantly working to improve Joomla's speed and capabilities, producing applications that allow Joomla to fit your every need. When your website is powered by Joomla, you inherit all of the benefits of Joomla's constantly growing capabilities.


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