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DJ Image Slider is our very favorite image slider extension for Joomla. It's super easy to use, simple to set up, and the code is clean enough that we can adapt it to look exactly the way we want.

Out of the box, DJ Image Slider provides a simple means of linking a slide image to an article, a menu item or a URL. Every once in a while though, it would be nice to link a slide to a PDF or video. This is where this shortcut comes into place.

For this simple shortcut to work, you'll need the JCE Editor.

  1. Open DJ Image Slider.
  2. Create a new slide.
  3. Give your slide a title, choose your slide image, and give your slide a description.
  4. On the right, choose the URL link option.
  5. In the slide description area, click the link button.
  6. In the upper right hand corner of the JCE Link window, click the File Browser icon.
  7. Upload your file.
  8. Click on the file, and click Insert.
  9. On the link window, copy the relative link at the top of the window. Close the window.
  10. Paste the relative link in the URL field on the right side of the DJ Slider screen.
  11. Click Save and Close.

This will allow you to link directly to a file of your choice straight from your slideshow.


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