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Unless a website your working on has already loaded jQuery, this tried and tested resource won't be available to you inside your console unless you can pull it in. 

You could write a little snippet of javascript that appends the jQuery CDN script tag to the top of the page:

var jQueryScript = document.createElement('script'); jQueryScript.setAttribute('src',''); document.head.appendChild(jQueryScript);


This does the trick. But you'll need to include this code each time you refresh the page.

While looking for the solution to a separate problem, I stumbled onto this awesome little thread (originally posted by jondavidjohn):

Essentially, once you've created your custom bookmarklet, you can "Turn On" jQuery with a click and start writing out jQuery scripts to your hearts content in your console. No copying and pasting a block of code.

1. Create a new bookmark.
2. In the bookmark URL, enter:

javascript:(function(e,s){e.src=s;e.onload=function(){jQuery.noConflict();console.log('jQuery injected')};document.head.appendChild(e);})(document.createElement('script'),'//')

3. Save your new bookmark.

Next time you need to use jQuery, click your new bookmark, open your console, and start writing jQuery.

You can replace " with your own specific CDN URL if there's an older version of jQuery you prefer.



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